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  2. Creates a new RuneLite Menu Which then gives you access to all sorts of different Tile Markers @ different places
  3. Current Tile (white border) always lets you know where your character is at on every given tick Hovered Tile (no border) lets you know the exact tile you're clicking on Destination Tile (gray border) where your current click is taking you; note, in this current color scheme, the gray will turn white when you land there, this helps when doing things like Woox walking Vork, kiting Muspah and Zily, etc.
  4. Note: This is a very tryhard plugin and is used to prevent degradation when above 99HP Creates a border around your HP orb which indicates when you need to flick your Rapid Heal Prayer to prevent a -1
  5. Creates a bar / line that indicates when you can prayer flick and avoid losing prayer points; prayer off left side, prayer on before it resets off the right
  6. Note: This will show everyone in the Raid's information. Be careful using this with a bunch of people. Provides your information directly next to your character
  7. Highlights an NPC; this is highly useful when using kiting tactics to know when exactly you need to run
  8. Zoomed all the way in Zoomed completely out
  9. Note: As this plugin is common sense, one thing that may go unnoticed is this greatly reduces your lag. Doing this at places like Raids and other harder end-game content is suggested.
  10. Note: This Plugin needs updated every time you go in with a new group and does not use the value an item is sold for, only GE value. Should be used only to give you a rough value of a split.
  11. Creates 2 new RuneLite Menus This then allows you to join parties, helping you gear up faster and properly And creates an interface that helps everyone keep eachother alive
  12. Creates a new RuneLite Menu Which then provides you with your current PvM information Alongside historical data of previous bosses killed, while having the plugin installed
  13. Creates a new RuneLite Menu Which is then fully customizable Viewing each setup then filters your bank appropriately to what is needed
  14. Adds a customizable number, above your character, which displays the number of ticks until your next attack. Not only does this help with Prayer flicking your Boost Prayer, this also helps with keeping track of which tick NPCs are on to allow for Protection Prayer flicks, alongside PvM patterns (Verzik P2, Xarpus, etc).
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