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  2. Football's Coming Home

  3. some tacos


  4. Highest payed participant in the Paul v Askren fight was the ref

  5. PvM comp based on battleships. P fun.
  6. I have no idea whats going on. but congrats all
  7. Im not feeding your addiction any longer But very soon - I'm going back to the sands
  8. @JeffNumbers @Chong How many 3 Mils you think I can get off Bob?
  9. shout out to bob and malpa for making this possible
  10. Thanks for hosting such a fun event! Big thanks to @Bobicles2 for all the work he put into this. Also big thanks to @malpa for the donation towards the prize pool. Team 1 the GOATS
  11. Great event. Good shit to everybody who took part. Was very enjoyable and competitive. Shout out to @Bobicles2 for the Admin and @malpa for donating to the Prize pool. Get ready for the next competition. EOS.
  12. Thanks for running this Bob, definitely my favourite out of the 2 comps I've been in so far as it meant trying lots of different bosses which I probably wouldn't have bothered to do otherwise
  13. Grats whoever, was a funny comp. Much better than regular PVM comps where you grind out the same boss all over again
  14. Grats to the winners and what a funny comp. Hope see more events like this in the near future and obv ill try my best to be an active part of it. Thanks @bob for the initiative as well. Really well planned and worked.
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