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  1. I mean, osclans has their own discord aswell https://discord.gg/VKEtn8ex
  2. These forums are pretty much hosted by ex Zybez mods, theyre very trustable and the most potential platform for main clan discussion. Theyre still far from being as active as Zybez forums used to be but i hope yall would try them out and boost forum activity since mains don't really have any good platform for event aftermaths other than twitter and every clans own forums, but lets be real, nobody likes to go through cringe clan twitter posts and some people don't wanna risk their ips by going to some other clans forums. https://osclans.com/
  3. I was at clan wars spectating some international fight knights between Finnish and Lithuanian players, didnt rly join any clans but started going more to cwa after that. Later on somewhere around 2013-2014 i saw Downfall fighting Clan Europe at CWA so i met this guy named "Steelo" who invited me to CE.
  4. Fools vs RoT was pretty enjoyable and easy W.
  5. Cool intro and nice effort but youre sick in the head and a retard. Good numbers for wildy but useless otherwise. But I'm not even a member so i guess my say wont matter. Welcome, gl.
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