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  1. by any chance are you ex Col ? So many names sound familiar just cant complete the picture
  2. I was in RR before the rivalry started at one point we even had joint trips with Eos ; Raiders of Silence lol. Dont remember what exactly triggerd the rivalry but i guess it had something to do with either CL/BK/ or Prannoy etc I can understand why it brings up great memories for those who where in Eos at the time. RR was mostly gmt based where as Eos had mostly eastern members. Eos was hungry for fights and tried to set up planned run ins with RR wich RR would refuse because of starting time. RR went out to pk early wich forced Eos to either start with low numbers or
  3. Expected more out of that fight since it was their bday lol.
  4. Rr vs Eos Eos vs Cor Eos vs Vr BH fights Eos vs Sol/Tt Eos vs Rot
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