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  1. Another huge shout out to our Somali brothers who fought with us to the death on every occasion. Great trip.
  2. Enjoyed first 45 minutes. Didn’t enjoy Greenland though @Eli
  3. Yes please! I nearly cried when @Peter yeeted that DWH from under my feet!!! 😭
  4. Was a great drop party mate. The return sets were a great touch for toping up people’s return tabs!
  5. “VR sucks lmao” - Gucci as he gets one hit 😭😭😭
  6. Good fight. Low pull from them but happy to win all 3 rounds comfortably
  7. My favourite part was when we killed them to death and they died.
  8. I was in a pure clan called We Dem Boyz like 3 years ago 😅
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