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  1. 99 slayer. Currently 94 I won't train combat without doing slayer. 2k total. Currently 1911
  2. I haven't gotten it. I'm considered essential, working my way through it. Hasn't really changed my habbits, Work, golf and fished all summer. My family has definitely taken a step back and we haven't gotten together. The usual holidays that we do had been pretty much canceled.
  3. Hey welcome, PoE is a great game
  4. Android Never once went to iphone
  5. Forgot about these vids lmao
  6. We destroyed them in those capped fights. Every bracket. Lol We'd look them up right before the fights and pick out the lowest defense.
  7. Evil Tony and MC Creed got me to play and dragged me with them into Eos.
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