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  1. @Zeya is a fucking hero amongst men. 99 prayer now boys 126 CB. still trash LETS FUCKING GO

  2. Team 1 is doodoo.

  3. I miss Bob.

  4. Remember that time I got smited for ags, was like it was just yesterday.

  5. stay away from the duel arena 😄

    1. Zeya


      true story

    2. Blackman Tyronne

      Blackman Tyronne

      You can't tell me what to do you're not my mum..

    3. Zeya


      well ty hes not your mum hes your daddy

  6. good shit everyone. @AARON well played on the intro speech there 😂😂
  7. I'm ready to square up with a team with fairly even numbers and see how we do. Good shit peeps.
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