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  1. Mmbros99


    We’ve all been playing RuneScape for a while now and we’ve all achieved 99 in a Skill on 07 and RS2/3. do you remember what was your first 99 ever achieved? What year was it? And what skill was it for? for myself it was 99 range back in 2010
  2. Mmbros99

    85 Herb

    Big owner Jah
  3. Julian6565 or whatever his name is from VR
  4. Ahh yes Ham Tits I was there live when this pic was found....what a fun moment LOL
  5. Real life/preferred name: Mmbros Display name: Mmbros Discord Tag: Mmbros#4477 Clan History: Critical damage & EOS Do you know anybody in EOS? List them: Most of the core people Additional Comments: Ready to own
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