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  1. Nicholas


    I used to have the most post count and it was all good content.
  2. Learning better pvm money making and maybe learning how to be less of a noob pvp. Know zero about p2p pk'ing and would like to at least be useful in a group.
  3. I don't know him well but I've not gotten the best impressions from Weeman. Didn't realize he was admin there.
  4. I could rep using my vpn, dummy email and unique password
  5. Nicholas

    AOE II on Steam

    So it appears my windows computer is cooperative. I should be able to play. I plan on trying to play occasionally in evenings after 8pm PST (11pm EST) which I know isn't ideal for a lot of people. Alternatively, I have like 2 hours on weekend afternoons but we could be pk'ing then. And 2 hours could not be enough. With some heads up I may be able to get more time somewhere if you're itching to play.
  6. Yeah lost a bit on that first webhosting Also as for Rr and EoS relations souring... I might be wrong with my timeline but Rr being friendly and pk'ing with cor really made us feel betrayed as cor was our mortal enemy. I think that's about the time I decided to break alliances with all our allies, I can't remember if we dropped Rr first or not. Honestly cor were our mortal enemies for years with us spying on each other and them bruteforcing our forums. Not to mention Rr was getting played as it was a recruitment strategy from cor.
  7. This, breaking bad, better call saul
  8. Nicholas


    Yeah that rings a bell. It's been so long though that I can't remember a lot.
  9. Nicholas


    What was your rsn before? BV1 sounds like it should be familiar (short for prior rsn?) but not sure.
  10. You probably love it but are saying otherwise to spite me
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