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  1. GJ enjoyed it, no overheads made it legit. I need to be less on edge when getting piled prob tank better but did alright I guess.
  2. Break from corp. Deciding if I want to do a few on the regular or not.
  3. That team talking shit only for us to clear them in two seconds was pretty funny
  4. Login servers RIP'd my ability to hop worlds, next time
  5. Had fun, I screwed up my steam link so had no right click but did alright. All except one death was pretty much just slowly sniped to no food, didn't die in the run in but piled once there.
  6. If you're talking about some of those loot pics it's a client plugin that shows what your kills and loot was
  7. Also thought we'd be over this juvenile shit. If ROT hits us before our PKRI even starts and we hit them back, crying wolf is a bit awkward. Anyways obviously that's their goal and entire victim persona still. Had fun vs VR. Heard they had 20+ people over us and definitely did not feel it.
  8. We all did much better, gj. Was fun. Annoyed I missed the end but knew I'd have to leave at some point for a few.
  9. I struggled to find the pile in time to even get a snare out tbh hopefully I'll do better next time.
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