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  1. https://www.figma.com/ welcome to 2020 bro
  2. Max CMB --> So i can do all the PVM content and possibly p2p pk Achievement diary (Hard) just to have a decent overall total I don't like slayer/rc/agility/thieving so I will probably never go for max or elite diary.
  3. Probably my top 2 right here lol
  4. RL friend in middle school Dz03 invited me to his friends clan called 25th legion. It was more a group of friends than a clan but that got me hooked. It closed and then I joined Phobia.
  5. Go Leafs

    AOE II on Steam

    i have it and i still suck
  6. i think we were trying to recruit TS and then arcm pulled that move which got hasan annoyed
  7. lmao that was too funny. hasan took it very seriously
  8. Go Leafs

    PS5 or Xbox X

    PS5 because God of war / Spider man / Ghost of Tsushima 2 (possibly) / Demon souls and so many more titles. There aren't many good xbox exclusives.
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