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  1. Is this Nancy's replacement
  2. I reckon you could take that into a cold Billy at the arena son
  3. No arsenal in top 4 No arsenal golden boot No arsenal pfa player of the year Fuck this season is it almost over yet
  4. Ya wee skirt wearer
  5. Grats bro that is powerful item
  6. Anurag7430 bro just screaming negativity
  7. I heard you love chocolate milk
  8. Worth my undying friendship when it's donated to me
  9. How much gp that cost from 80 to 90
  10. Want to stake for me
  11. Why can't you do this mid day gmt when I'm awake asshole
  12. My anti anxiety and anti depressants means I cant even get my dick up most of the time nevermind busting
  13. I wanna make more of these but prices have increased 1000% or more Any1 wanna donate to the cause
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