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  1. PvM comp based on battleships. P fun.
  2. Think the entire TS coulda told you that wasn't gonna happen 🤣
  3. S/O to Somalis for tossing me a cheeky 2m split on the TB
  4. Think I'm becoming the next Cathy with all these deaths
  5. Yo if the team who got off me for my Chaos Ele pet reads this, I want you to personally know I did not attack and indeed pay my debt. Next one is free game tho
  6. Wanted to go but fuck Steam Client. Can't believe they're about to release this broken shit to the public.
  7. Ended in the negative 😞 Glad y'all made some good GP tho
  8. No one was too upset, thanks for asking us for the fun scrap!
  9. Fun time, died 4 times but wasn't much I could do besides sit in 1 spot lmfao
  10. Shattered I missed it but fam day defo more important. Well done
  11. TY AF / Rev / DF / Tempest for ACing the shit cunts
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