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  1. Like 3 dudes I work with have them. I won't get one for like 2 years cause I only use my ps4 and a glorified firestick
  2. Yea but you also have to unlock vyres as vamps through the master. You can also extend it too
  3. Yes Excellent. Bank and alter 6 squares apart and always aggressive. Basically bandits with drops. Think I made 7.5m from the task
  4. Twitch and Amazon prime are giving out 7 days for free. Get on it men
  5. Dude my buddy cleaned was named kilograms btw
  6. Friend won 5b at arena and this shit happened to him 10 minutes later
  7. Wolfy

    82 wc

    We tang Klan aint nothing to fuck with
  8. Wolfy

    95 Crafting

    Cape is usefull af. One of my most used skill capes
  9. Wolfy

    86 Farming

    You doing trees too?
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