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  1. Buzzcut3

    06 bank

    My first thought was you were poor but yeah that's a sick bank for the times back then. Crazy how times have changed.
  2. I remember as an FA there was a topic about how Eos had stats better than both Col and RR (I think?) except for Woodcutting, so we were asking some people to start woodcutting. I at the time was 99 woodcutting and remember specifically joking about being accepted for the woodcutting level. I think eventually someone else got word of what we were doing and started woodcutting as well. So even before the long run-ins there was some kind of rivalry. Eos history says Tankhive is what started it up mainly. Though I think at the time we probably did a few sketchy things to BK as well. Wa
  3. Ah yeah you're right. We specifically said we'd take the 3 opts for the fight, but someone was bragging on TS about how good our pull would be lol. To be fair though I didn't actually think they would take that intel and straight up just lose the fight without even trying.
  4. Blows my mind that they literally sent Robtokill to fake apply just to get out of fighting us. Lost all the respect I had left for them after that conversation. I thought they had to be joking.
  5. Felt like PKing with some bros. Asked a friend to join his clan (Mattman1122 for old Eos, trying to get him to sign up to forums). Joined the clan he was in, and from there I learned about the greater clan world and eventually joined Eos when that clan closed.
  6. Did some crafting/redwoods at work. Have ranged slayer tasks while cooking. That's about it.
  7. Grats but that's fucking hilarious
  8. I remember you were Warlord and I chatted with you for a bit around January 2007 about possibly joining. By the time I joined around April you were around less often so I can't really vouch for you either. Good to see you though man hope you're doing well.
  9. I probably have the most nostalgia for the RR rivalry myself.
  10. Grats guys nice to see you get something
  11. Buzzcut3

    Hydra Claw

    Fucking legend mate congratulations
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