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  1. COZZA

    86 fishing

    Gan wank me self silly
  2. You’ll have to self isolate for 14 days 👍🏼
  3. Dynasty is a new upcoming Top Clan in every aspects of the game, We are unlike any other clan in 2020, We started from nothing but 3 solid top members of the clan world, unlike other clans that merge from being a team to a clan, from being closed to reopening, from any sort of bonus that most clans opened with. This Dynasty, This Legacy that we bring into the clan world will last forever. We come from the Golden Age of Warring and bringing in the New bloods that never done any type of Warring from F2P to P2P. Not many clans can do such things but Dynasty is one of them. We are one of the
  4. Icekid7 explains it all hahaha My Pm has aids
  5. Heard very good things Its a shame it happened the way it did
  6. Gunna get 10m from flipping, at 5.5m b inspired
  7. COZZA

    Maradona Down

    George best died 15 years ago OTD also pele to die on the 25.11 — 1/100
  8. That rolex fed the whole country of Brazil for a week
  9. COZZA


    running a site to imitate of what zybez was is always a good idea bit different as that started out solely for RuneScape purpose and not clans so it was more neutral dont like the fact it’s that easy to get your ipb hash/salt and can easily be sold to some keen kid who still sells gp, sharkbrews definitely already done this
  10. COZZA


    Seems shady like a black
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