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  2. i will let conditions21 shit on my chest before I register to anything ran by anything affiliated with zybez folks
  3. start an acc on the side and park urself in nmz after doing some of the entry level quests. buy some gp and ur golden.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/user/Runescapeclown/videos got some vids here from the old bear days
  5. bobman212


    you have max combat why play this game for skilling
  6. you're playing on psn lmfao get a pc mate
  7. doesn't rot just spend their entire day ragging ppl lmfao? I do PoH
  8. my dad and grandpa had it, both are ok but my grandfather had like seven people who spoke with regularly at his assisted living facility pass I had 25% extra pay for like three months and that was pretty slick
  9. RSD just liked to fight here and there they weren't about that greaseball wilderness life like old bear and his cubs. One of the few clans to not be pieces of shit though. COR was the easiest. Literally just a drop party. Every fight was like killing the lumbridge NPCs
  10. xbox one x is better if you don't have a PC to game with, game pass + PC cross play with microsoft titles is OP ps5 if you already have a gaming PC as microsoft already releases all their games on PC
  11. literally the worst clan in the world
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