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  1. Great event. Good shit to everybody who took part. Was very enjoyable and competitive. Shout out to @Bobicles2 for the Admin and @malpa for donating to the Prize pool. Get ready for the next competition. EOS.
  2. Quote this when I win PvM Battleships

  3. Eos wins again we even posted in public and nobody came for us ???
  4. Call the cops when you see Tupac
  6. Samurai approached us asking for a F2P CWA Battle. We gladly accepted. Round 1 - Knockout (27 Dropped to 16) Round 2 - Knockout - No Overheads (27 Dropped to 17) Round 3 - First to 25 Kills - No Overheads (29 Dropped to 19) Good fight fellas EOS WINS AGAIN @@ @Council @Officer @Inquisitor @Legendary @Member @Padawan @Retired @Groupies @Guests
  7. Quick roam ending runescape careers and snatching wigs. Free Cloud Pet.
  8. We headed out to see who's wig we could snatch ended up finding multiple noobs ending with finding DF pking unarmed bone users at Altar. We punished them for their blasphemic ways. Cleared them up before they called a mass. Just as we was taking ending we hear Bob screaming that he got snatched for his ACB. EOS members +15m Bob -£25m Technically were up. SMIDER SMIDER SMIDER @@ @Council @Officer @Inquisitor @Legendary @Member @Padawan @Groupies
  9. At the start of the New Year we were asked to take part in a PvM Battle Royale between Divine Forces, Tempest, Violent Resolution, Wilderland and Revenant. With a lot of our members only just coming back to the game and creating new accounts. We jumped at the chance of making our men some coin and introducing them to some new content. We knew the challenge ahead of us with around 40 of our finest men participating and with only a handful of friends up against clans with much bigger memberlists and tons of friends who we knew would be taken advantage of. We focused on the 'home run's" rather than accumulating a high number of overall items and mediocre drops which we knew we couldn't match over time against superior numbers + friends. This served us very well, taking the lead with a Twisted Bow on the very first day which had numerous clans realise they had a serious, perhaps unexpected contender. We held both #1 and then #2 for the majority of the competition with B2B Elysian Spirit shield drops and until the last week where we hit a huge dry streak. Echo Of Silence finished the Competition having gained over 6 Billion gold coins made. +6 New Pet Owners A huge feat for our 40 Elite men and only a handful of friends. A very proud Eli. This truly was, Quality over Quantity. #EOS @@ @Council @Officer @Inquisitor @Legendary @Member @Padawan @Retired@Groupies @Guests
  10. Something different for sure the numbers were a non factor fighting at their portal both times - 10 people +/- means nothing. Pretty close rounds. Round 3 was comfortable. good fight
  11. EH OUT was a mad confusing spur of the moment mass with half our guys at gdz but overall nice break from PvM
  12. thanks for the little scrap was fun
  13. We started off Ballista Bombing Altar snatching a few wigs from RSK, moved onto GDS and smoked Finland on repeat. Thanks for the Cheese $$$
  14. Clan Wars Community approached me for some full out CWA battles. We rustled up some men ready to fight to the last man. Was fun dipping into CWA for first time in years. Lost the two knockouts 50 vs 90 Won the run in 50 vs 60 Thanks for battle men
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