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  1. Evil Tony

    86 fishing

    I think you should start posting updates every 10k xp instead of every level.
  2. Yeah GIMP is nearly as good, thats what I use.
  3. I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than watch this shit.
  4. Rada's Blessing 4 is OP as fuck, I love it.
  5. Just tell me which one I need to join to chat shit
  6. If I was a pro wrestler this would be my entrance music.
  7. Change the younglings to blue and give this man purple text.
  8. Evil Tony

    85 farming

    Dang that's cold
  9. Evil Tony


    You're actually guaranteed to get it on the 50th kill. Shit luck tbh.
  10. has entered the chat
  11. Evil Tony

    89 slayer

    a legend indeed
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