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  1. This makes sense, lock it down to say the original runescape areas (lumbridge/varrock/falador/draynor etc)
  2. Dam this is great I can't wait to find you
  3. Looks trash, but back then having dharoks/guthans and full drag with whip/fury was literally meta. Bet thats like a 100-200m bank (which back then was mental as well)
  4. Years of Albion AFKing finally realised, gratz man. now the push to 2000
  5. Bobicles2

    84 farming

    Thats going up quick - guess you're just doing big boy tree runs?
  6. You iz in for a wait. time to keep doing Agility 😂
  7. Awesome man, looking forward to see you put an application in 🙂 Hogwats is still ours haha
  8. You're the second Bob - sorry bro
  9. Nice mate - are they tradeable?
  10. Welcome back man. Always cool seeing old pics. You looking to play rs again or just dropping by?
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