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  1. Im not feeding your addiction any longer But very soon - I'm going back to the sands
  2. Firstly, a thanks to everyone who took part. I would say arguably the event went a lot better than expect. With a little hindsight I could have perhaps run things a little bit differently but hopefully everyone was able to enjoy it. The forum Icon for the winning team has been released and added to all those winners in team 1 and I have announced those cash prizes below. Its going to take me sometime to get round everyone but I'll do my best as and when I'm on. Team 1 Winners @AndrewQwert - 20m @carwashkid - 20m @SPLODGE - 20m @Rish - 20m @Silencer444 - 20m @Juanafanta - 20m @GirthQuake - 20m @AARON - 20m @Peter - 20m @Giggity - 20m @Buzzcut3 - 20m (to be donated to next poker tournament as Buzz is Ironman) @Cvvp - 10m @adam_o3 - 10m - Pay to Trevor @willhump666 - 10m Individual Awards @AndrewQwert - 50m @carwashkid - 30m @Kieran - 25m @Trevor - 20m @Cathy - 15m @Eli - 15m @SPLODGE - 15m @V0L - 10m @JeffNumbers - 10m @Rish - 10m @gmoney - 10m @Silencer444 - 5m @Juanafanta - 5m @GirthQuake - 5m @K_J - 3m @COZZA - 3m @AARON - 3m @Blackman Tyronne - 3m @Meulemans - 3m @Evil Tony - 3m @Peter - 1m @Giggity - 1m @Buzzcut3 - 1m @Darkelf135 - 1m @Cvvp - 1m @adam_o3 - 500k @willhump666 - 500k
  3. Spif ate crisps, I heard he can’t tank either
  4. Thanks for the elder maul world welcome back from retirement Eli
  5. Why don’t we use it for a staking event this weekend? I’ll throw some in and give people like 1m each and just take over W2 haha
  6. Sunday Night P2P As we continue our transition to learning P2P we went out with a hungry 20 souls across deep wilderness to try to get into some fights and make a little bank on the side. It took about 10 minutes for us to run into a our first team which we cleared with relative ease before clearing SV at Rogues Castle and nice 10 man PVM clan veracs team at bear. We tried our look at a few other spots before ending for the Superbowl and a quick 150m Drop party by our newest addition to team degenerate, direct from the duel arena @Tukuruk91 Good work all involved, was good to see us put our best shift in yet. @@ @Honoured @Council @Officer @Inquisitor @Legendary @Member @Padawan @Groupies @Guests
  7. Post Count Slowly starting to pull more men and in better gear to P2P, good work guys
  8. 0 Kills 0 Deaths, everyone is such a stealer in EOS
  9. 3 kills 1 death plus an incident with a bear Was a fun trip glad to be getting into the swing of it
  10. Last week Tempest reached out to see if we would participate in a 2 v 2, 100 v 100 fight in CWA. Its a different style of fighting with those numbers but offered a good chance to have some fun and get some CWA practice in. Echo of Silence + Tempest vs Violent Resolution + Wilderland. We managed to pull a respectable 100 people with EOS holding their 50 men up high. However, whilst the enemy were only able to pull 88 they were still able to deliver a winning performance, we unfortunatly lost both the run in rounds but claimed a comfortable victory in the knock out rounds (I think we needed a warm up) Good fight all, we lost because Tempest couldn't handle a war cry. Video -
  11. 3lite approached us a few weeks back to see if we fancy setting up a quick fun fight for Eternal Honours reunion pk trip. Given their levels we agreed on CWA and massed 18 warriors in 10 minutes for a quick skirmish. Munity occured and half of our men joined the enemy CC, Marquoth attempted to lead a revolt but in the end EOS was victorious Was a lot of fun, melee binds sucked, good to see EH back
  12. About 4 kills - 0 deaths, Hate GDz but was a really fun fight, outnumbered them which made it easier but our styles were a million times better. GF guys
  13. GG - Steam client fucked me but 4 kills - 0 deaths, too excited to screenshot
  14. Was good fun, nothing serious and not much we can do with those numbers but had a laugh. Holding the wall was decent we did well
  15. Rot seem to think we ran North of mossies to drag them into the Anti-Rot clans and they ignored our spam for a 1v1. Think they want us to take sides. was impressed with VRs pull and I’ve never seen Revs and AF in free to play before and both looked more powerful than I remember. Thought those guys were just small p2p clans better performance this week, need regular content and make sure everyone’s building the bank up .
  16. Was a lot of fun - turned into a total cluster fuck of basically every clan
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