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  1. Firstly, a thanks to everyone who took part. I would say arguably the event went a lot better than expect. With a little hindsight I could have perhaps run things a little bit differently but hopefully everyone was able to enjoy it.

    The forum Icon for the winning team has been released and added to all those winners in team 1 and I have announced those cash prizes below.

    Its going to take me sometime to get round everyone but I'll do my best as and when I'm on.

    Team 1 Winners

    @AndrewQwert - 20m
    @carwashkid - 20m 
    @SPLODGE -  20m
    @Rish -  20m
    @Silencer444 -  20m
    @Juanafanta -  20m
    @GirthQuake -  20m
    @AARON -  20m
    @Peter -  20m
    @Giggity -  20m 
    @Buzzcut3 -  20m (to be donated to next poker tournament as Buzz is Ironman)
    @Cvvp -  10m
    @adam_o3 -  10m - Pay to Trevor
    @willhump666 -  10m

    Individual Awards 

    @AndrewQwert - 50m
    @carwashkid - 30m 
    @Kieran - 25m
    @Trevor - 20m 
    @Cathy - 15m
    @Eli - 15m 
    @SPLODGE - 15m
    @V0L - 10m
    @JeffNumbers - 10m 
    @Rish - 10m
    @gmoney - 10m
    @Silencer444 - 5m 
    @Juanafanta - 5m 
    @GirthQuake - 5m
    @K_J - 3m
    @COZZA - 3m
    @AARON - 3m 
    @Blackman Tyronne - 3m
    @Meulemans - 3m
    @Evil Tony - 3m
    @Peter - 1m
    @Giggity - 1m
    @Buzzcut3 - 1m
    @Darkelf135 - 1m
    @Cvvp - 1m
    @adam_o3 - 500k 
    @willhump666 - 500k






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    Image result for echo of silence runescape

    Image result for echo of silence runescape


    Sunday Night P2P

    As we continue our transition to learning P2P we went out with a hungry 20 souls across deep wilderness to try to get into some fights and make a little bank on the side. It took about 10 minutes for us to run into a our first team which we cleared with relative ease before clearing SV at Rogues Castle and nice 10 man PVM clan veracs team at bear. We tried our look at a few other spots before ending for the Superbowl and a quick 150m Drop party by our newest addition to team degenerate, direct from the duel arena @Tukuruk91

    Good work all involved, was good to see us put our best shift in yet.

    @@ @Honoured @Council @Officer @Inquisitor  @Legendary @Member @Padawan @Groupies @Guests














  3. Last week Tempest reached out to see if we would participate in a 2 v 2, 100 v 100 fight in CWA. Its a different style of fighting with those numbers but offered a good chance to have some fun and get some CWA practice in.

    Echo of Silence + Tempest vs Violent Resolution + Wilderland.

    We managed to pull a respectable 100 people with EOS holding their 50 men up high. However, whilst the enemy were only able to pull 88 they were still able to deliver a winning performance, we unfortunatly lost both the run in rounds but claimed a comfortable victory in the knock out rounds (I think we needed a warm up)

    Good fight all, we lost because Tempest couldn't handle a war cry. 

    Video - 




  4. 3lite approached us a few weeks back to see if we fancy setting up a quick fun fight for Eternal Honours reunion pk trip. Given their levels we agreed on CWA and massed 18 warriors in 10 minutes for a quick skirmish.

    Munity occured and half of our men joined the enemy CC, Marquoth attempted to lead a revolt but in the end EOS was victorious 

    Was a lot of fun, melee binds sucked, good to see EH back








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  5. Rot seem to think we ran North of mossies to drag them into the Anti-Rot clans and they ignored our spam for a 1v1. Think they want us to take sides. 

    was impressed with VRs pull and I’ve never seen Revs and AF in free to play before and both looked more powerful than I remember. Thought those guys were just small p2p clans


    better performance this week, need regular content and make sure everyone’s building the bank up . 

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