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  1. i would have shown up if i knew we were gonna be killing mar
  2. im joining whoever wins the pvm comp

    1. Eli


      Wait, you're still EOS?

  3. After the order was "enlightened", the order became known as the Sisterhood, with Phosani as its leader (who they refer to as 'Mother'), and founded the town Slepe in eastern Morytania.[3] Soon after, they began expanding underground, constructing a large sanctuary beneath the town, where they were free to perform their rites and offerings in relative peace.

  4. The Sisterhood is an ancient Zamorakian order dating back to the Saradominist kingdom of Hallowvale in the Second Age. Originally an order of Saradominist healers (whose name is not known),[1] they converted to Zamorak after seeing Phosani, the Justiciar of the Lion, turn away from Saradomin's teachings.[2] Those who refused to abandon his teachings were either killed or given to the vampyres as blood tithes.

  5. kourend elite in my sights, 1 wc lvl to go

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