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  1. 'Palpatine' Gooooooooooooood
  2. Here you go sluts. Enjoy. If anyone does a good crop, edit or meme leme know. Barcelona with the wife Taking the piss... London, New Years with the Geordie lads. These boys were in Australia for a few years and joined my club. So thought I'd pay em a visit when we were over there. Latest dirty sanchez attempt F Deanna's first time in the snow..Europe. I think we were in Austria at this point. Best bit was the fkn road houses and truck stops. All of them are like restaurants..we don't have that sh
  3. I remember this like it was yesterday HAHAHAHA
  4. Reg 104


    I remember ya, welcome mate
  5. Reg 104


    god damn that is nostalgic. I used those.
  6. EOS against the world! I always loved fighting against Corr and VR.
  7. How cool would that fire cape look on a charizard....... Gratz bruz xx
  8. haha wtf welcome back mate 🙂 stick around!
  9. I like it old and juicy. Just like how mar likes his bitches
  10. Hasn't really impacted me in Adelaide all that much..we had maybe a 2-3 week lockdown with shops and restaurants unable to serve ppl etc and where I work (education) school remained open..families had the option to keep their kids home..which many of them did. By the end of Term 1 and start of Term 2 I had around 10 kids in my class..I was teaching the kids on site and then logging in via Google Meets / Google Chats to teach the kids at home through our online programme. We were pretty lucky in Adl...our state gov locked us down quickly..shut the borders..and we had minimal cases
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