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  1. Half a lung now bro. Sold the other half so I can afford the dowry for my other half.
  2. Koray


    palms spaghetti
  3. I didnt even know what that item was until i Wiki'ed it. Gratz.
  4. Succession. First season is good, second season is the best TV I've watched in a long time. Waiting for the third season like the U.S economy awaiting a stimulus package. Although I'm watching Mandalorian because its okay. Ive been watching a lot of standup recently too if I don't have too much time to binge on a TV show or a movie.
  5. Koray

    Current Vehicle?

    If you know you know
  6. Missus and I had it in March (not tested because we didnt require ventilators but confirmed by like 4 different sources.) It didnt affect me much, although the missus was in a very very bad state (extreme fatigue and difficulty in breathing.) Overall only thing it has done for me is fucked with the my plans for 2020. It was meant to be my year of travelling to as many European countries as possible. Otherwise now im working from home as of March and its okay.
  7. Twinning's English Breakfast for my general brew, otherwise Teapigs herbal teas (Green Tea et al.)
  8. Corruption was easy to beat, on osrs I'd say TT
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