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  1. Thanks brother. Hope to see you join the cause soon as well!
  2. Great trip. Almost hit the 4,5hour mark lmao. Ez4EOS
  3. #1 CLAN @@ @Council @Officer @Legendary @Member @Retired @Padawan @Groupies @Guests Decided to start the week with a banger and headed out P2P pking with a strong 20 men! Today did not disappoint and ended up fighting multiple teams, whom we cleared, and smited multiple people as well! 2x AGS & 2x Toxic Staffs (only 1 pic 😞) Went to Rogues Castle/50 ports, New Gate, Callisto, RDG, Vet'ion, Deep Altar. Ran into BC multiple times and cleared them multiple times as well, Also ran into a med clan at rogues castle and cleared them too! Live footage below:
  4. Was on girlfriend her laptop, couldnt handle it anymore after an hour of bad fps 🤣 Good job today all
  5. Next time brother! Regarding cvvp -> some things never change 😄 😄
  6. #1 CLAN. Today we went out for our weekly P2P pk trip to test out our newly fletched bolts and crafted runes. Pking all over the wilderness (Vet'ion, Venenatis, Callisto, Rogues castle, RDG, Eli's wankhouse) we ended up running in some teams and making quite some lootation. Highlights of the day was smiting some random kid for his Elder Maul and Cvvp tanking (lol joking he can't tank) the Corporeal Best. Other live footage: @@ @Council @Officer @Legendary @Member @Padawan @Groupies @Guests
  7. Made some loot - cannot complain. well done lads!
  8. Was fun doing something different gg's
  9. Set up a 30 minute PKRI versus Arroz. Fight started at RDG with Arroz rushing our pile but we managed to cripple down their numbers quite fast which made them run to GDZ and fight there for the remaining 25minutes. Ty4fight! Starting: EOS: 28 in-game - 35 on ts Arroz: 28 EOS Ending: Arroz Ending:
  10. Might pay you pretty good coin if you join too! 🥴👁️‍🗨️
  11. Went out for our first P2P pk trip of 2021 and had our eyes set to get that lootation. Scrapped multiple different teams and cleared most of them with one team being cleared at least 4 times 💪. After 1,5hours of clearing people and collecting our loot we decided to move to Vet'ion but after scouting for 10minutes and not finding anything we ended our day succesfully. Live footage:
  12. Good stuff! Sad i had to miss this due to irl stuff popping up
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