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EPL Predictions

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Champions: Liverpool (Jota seems to be a great signing but VVD could be a huge loss for them).

Top 4: 

1. Liverpool

2. Man City

3. Leicester can fuck off Arsenal 

4. Chelsea

(I think Tottenham should be here / v close but Arsenal bias)

Top Goalscorer: Harry Kane

POTY: Kane / Grealish (realistically going to be a player from the champions but no1 @Liverpool is standing out atmo)

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6 hours ago, Bobicles2 said:

Champions: Man City 

Top 4:

Man City




Top Goalscorer: Kane 

POTY: Ziyech





Liverpool just have too many injuries now IMO 

Add robbo to the list as of today 🤪

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16 hours ago, Stevie said:

Man City but idk shit about EPL

because the best soccer in the world is played in the MLS

MLS is Football players retirement league


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On 11/18/2020 at 4:44 PM, Mctubbyt said:

No arsenal in top 4

No arsenal golden boot

No arsenal pfa player of the year

Fuck this season is it almost over yet 

I second these predictions

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Honestly hate to say it but Tottenham look ridiculous this season.

I think it'll go down to the wire - Liverpool v Tottenham for 1st, just don't want to put that shit out into the universe 🦄

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