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Echo Of Silence Nipple Cripples Violent Resolution

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Didn’t die once, 2 strong for my own good 

Shotuout to rot for thinking we're anti-rot. We just here for an hour and we out brodies. Gf Vr.

Thanks for the fight VR Was fun going toe-to-toe with an old friend 60 on Teamspeak PEAK    

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Gf vr

RuneScape CV:

Echo of Silence since 2011 - Honors include PK leader 2013. Class of huntero0o, sam enzo & ell01. Council of the tyranny red wedding of Allstar049 and Elder Jr.

Voilent resoulution fa 2014  | reign of terror intro 2014 | Divine forces community intro 2015 | BB blukillers son

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Why are rats looting rune?? fkn hell. 


Great fight, had fun! We still warming up. 


                                                                          #Bogan - #Rat - #Gooner 

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