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Silent Tempest vs Violent Land

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Last week Tempest reached out to see if we would participate in a 2 v 2, 100 v 100 fight in CWA. Its a different style of fighting with those numbers but offered a good chance to have some fun and get some CWA practice in.

Echo of Silence + Tempest vs Violent Resolution + Wilderland.

We managed to pull a respectable 100 people with EOS holding their 50 men up high. However, whilst the enemy were only able to pull 88 they were still able to deliver a winning performance, we unfortunatly lost both the run in rounds but claimed a comfortable victory in the knock out rounds (I think we needed a warm up)

Good fight all, we lost because Tempest couldn't handle a war cry. 

Video - 









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Something different for sure


the numbers were a non factor fighting at their portal both times - 10 people +/- means nothing. Pretty close rounds. Round 3 was comfortable.


good fight 


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