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Echo Of Silence -Vs- The Clan World


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At the start of the New Year we were asked to take part in a PvM Battle Royale between Divine Forces, Tempest, Violent Resolution, Wilderland and Revenant. With a lot of our members only just coming back to the game and creating new accounts. We jumped at the chance of making our men some coin and introducing them to some new content. 

We knew the challenge ahead of us with around 40 of our finest men participating and with only a handful of friends up against clans with much bigger memberlists and tons of friends who we knew would be taken advantage of.

We focused on the 'home run's" rather than accumulating a high number of overall items and mediocre drops which we knew we couldn't match over time against superior numbers + friends. This served us very well, taking the lead with a Twisted Bow on the very first day which had numerous clans realise they had a serious, perhaps unexpected contender. We held both #1 and then #2 for the majority of the competition with B2B Elysian Spirit shield drops and until the last week where we hit a huge dry streak.

Echo Of Silence finished the Competition having gained over 6 Billion gold coins made.

+6 New Pet Owners

A huge feat for our 40 Elite men and only a handful of friends. A very proud Eli.

This truly was, Quality over Quantity.






Pet 2021-01-15_13-08-02.png





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